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All rights reserved.


Hola! I'm Marcelo and I'm a queer, Mexican author and multicreative focusing on children's books. I graduated from Art Center College of Design and I like to tell important stories from unconventional perspectives. 


In college I fell in love with kids books and since then I see them as a sacred opportunity to give the tiniest ones important tools and a strong foundation to expand their consciousness and navigate this word in a more optimal way from a kind, open, and compassionate perspective.


Playing and having fun are always a priority with my work. My process always stars with traditional media such as paper cutouts, acrylic and crayons, then I edit my compositions digitally to create a very accessible and familiar visual language for kids to engage their interest and empower their creative process by using materials kids can easily recognize. 


I live in Los Angeles, California with my dog daughter, Mini Perra. We love to drink strawberry milk together and make inter-dimensional travels across the whole Universe in our tiny pink spaceship. 


Represented by Adriana Dominguez from Full Circle Literary